22 Days Left in Midterm Elections: What You Need To Know About Online Inventory

22 Days Left in Midterm Elections: What You Need To Know About Online Inventory

The New York Times reported on how targeted digital online inventory can become more expensive and harder to buy the closer we get to Election Day. BPI President Andrew Bleeker told The Times:

“Smart campaigns book early, the same way that smart brands book television early,” said Andrew Bleeker, the president of Bully Pulpit Interactive, a Democratic digital marketing company. “We reserve most of the inventory for our clients in the spring to make sure something like this isn’t a factor.”

BPI’s sister media buying company, Precision Network, also was quoted in the piece about the sophistication of digital campaigns and the ongoing evolution of digital media planning and buying.

So, what does the online inventory crunch mean for your campaign? While every race and media market are different, here’s a few things we know:

  • It Will Be More Expensive To Target Important Voter Blocs such as Drop Off Voters, Women, African Americans and Hispanics
  • Pre-Roll in Battleground States Will Get More Expensive or Bought Out
  • Search Ad Budgets will Need To Increase 4-6x in The Final Week of Election
  • High Impact Reserves on Local News Sites Need To Be Finalized Now For Key Dates Around Early Voting, Debates & Election Day
  • Social Media Targeting Will Become More Competitive As Campaigns Ramp Up for GOTV

If you are evaluating your paid media program in the final weeks leading up to the race, it is important to remember that digital ads can drive a high frequency of messages and direct response support for GOTV programs. It can also amplify the other aspects of your media program – Radio, TV, Mail and Earned Media.

A smart campaign will take a holistic approach to paid media rather than a siloed effort, so it is important to coordinate among your strategists. Digital has the unique ability to support these formats by amplifying the message and being a very targeted method of delivery, but now is the time to finalize the decisions around how much you want to spend online, where you want to spend it, and what the destination will be for your online efforts.