3 Trends To Watch For in Digital Advertising in 2015

3 Trends To Watch For in Digital Advertising in 2015

Every January predictions are made for what the year ahead will bring. These predictions are not only limited to who will play in the Super Bowl (I picked the Broncos to go all the way), but also in business.

As marketing strategists, we try to surmise what the most important digital trends will be for the next 12 months so that we can plan our campaigns to align with them.

Below are three big trends we think will make an impact in 2015. What else is missing? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Trend 1: Great Storytelling Still Matters – And It Will Go Native in 2015
The amount of marketing noise consumers are faced with will undoubtedly increase in 2015. It will be crucial for clients and agencies to cut through that noise with innovative storytelling and creative ads. The Super Bowl is a perfect time to see how advertisers try to make a lasting impression in less than a minute. If you don’t have a big event like the Super Bowl to cut through that noise – the use of native and sponsored content can be a helpful alternative to reach your target audience with compelling narratives. Publishers are improving the native content space with ad-centric editorial shops and new departments like The NYT Labs to help clients build rich and engaging content. By reaching people where they are online and get them interested in your brand, they will have better message recall and actually click through to interact with your content.

Trend 2: Online Video Will Dominate – And Replace TV Programs
Streaming online video is a booming industry from Hulu to YouTube. Movies and TV shows are increasingly easy to find and watch online. This video content rivals that of the traditional networks and should be a target for marketing professionals. In 2015, the video pre-roll ad space will become more valuable with more people consuming their regularly scheduled programming online. It is important for agencies to start building video ads for the digital space and not taking a TV ad and simply trying to make it fit digital programming. Also, time is of the essence. Given YouTube ads are skippable within the first 5 seconds, your video needs to be compelling, innovative and edgy to deliver a message in such a short timeframe.

Trend 3: The Need To Evolve – Ad Networks vs. Programmatic Buying
Ad networks usually sell at an eCPM to keep costs low and volume high. With the increase in programmatic buying and ad exchanges, the traditional ad network will need to adapt in 2015 to stay relevant. With the increase of ad exchanges and deals being brokered for more premium inventory, programmatic buying continues to increase and evolve into a more efficient option than most traditional ad networks. Optimization techniques and the quality of the inventory available on these ad exchanges will make the old ad networks obsolete in a very short time unless they adapt.

Overall 2015 will be an exciting year to be in digital advertising. And as we look toward the Super Bowl this Sunday, expect to see innovative and exciting new ad formats with great storytelling – plus a few beer-drinking dogs – but just don’t expect to see the Broncos!

(Photo Credit: L1mey on Flickr)