Big Brands Battle for Best Real-Time-Marketing Plays During Super Bowl – Who Won?

Big Brands Battle for Best Real-Time-Marketing Plays During Super Bowl – Who Won?

After the clever real-time marketing by Oreo during last year’s Super Bowl blackout, every marketing team wanted to be crowned the RTM champ at the 2014 Brand Bowl. While Oreo bowed out this year, letting other brands battle it out, we still got to see a few wins and a few #fails on the social media playing field.


So who did it right this time? The teams behind Tide and DiGiorno. We liked the frozen pizza company’s unique tone on their Twitter feed, which included a rhyming “Night Before Sunday” sequence and was full of trolling, all-CAPS, bro-tastic tweets—ones that only work because of their audience and brand:



Tide did a great job of using Vine to talk about how to get stains out of every other brand’s commercial.


Esurance wins for best on-brand, TV-online integration with their post-Super Bowl spot and social media money-giving contest that generated over 4 million tweets with the hashtag #esurancesave30:


With every brand ready to go with copy writers and designers on hand, the social space did get a bit crowded during the game and not everyone decided to participate. In some ways, the decision not to participate was more important than trying to be this year’s Oreo. Progressive had us impressed with their honest take:


Newcastle didn’t have a TV ad, but got in on the Superbowl action with the site,, which outlines the crazy ad they “would have made” if they had bought time during the Superbowl. They even focus-group tested it! Anna Kendrick was the perfect celebrity to use in their “fake” Superbowl campaign:


And finally, given our political roots where we have embraced rapid response online messaging for a long time, we have to give a shout-out to both Bobby Jindal and Hillary Clinton for their tweets during the game – which were right on message with their personal brands and turned out to give viewers something to retweet in between touch downs by The Seahawks:



Overall, this year’s Super Bowl showed how even some of the biggest brands are not completely clear about how integrate live television with the digital space, but every year advertisers are getting smarter about how to execute cross-channel marketing campaigns around one of the most-watched live television events in America.