BPI At 5 Years: Create Results That Matter

BPI At 5 Years: Create Results That Matter

Five years ago, Bully Pulpit Interactive started as an idea in an attic in Georgetown. Fortunately, I was short enough to be able to stand up with the low ceilings, but not all of our early employees were so lucky. However, today, we are more than 60 people strong in two offices, in two cities with much higher ceilings.

In the short time that we have been open for business, we have supported 350 clients on five different continents. We helped to elect Presidents and Prime Ministers, passed health care reform, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for progressive organizations.  We have driven communications strategy for 12% of FORTUNE 100 companies and worked for several of the top 10 non-profits in America.

Over the past five years, we helped to incubate two companies – Precision Network and Analytics Media Group – and we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of digital technology. And we have since become a majority female company – not to mention a fun place to work.

Where we are today
Today, we sit at the nexus of political and corporate marketing. We use the learnings from both to inform the other. We combine our quantitative heritage in targeting and optimization with the creative needs of persusasion and branding. This is a powerful and rare combination.

As our industry evolves, we adapt at every turn. We remain leaders in the ad technology space through our innovations within online voter targeting, ad viewability, and opposition ad tracking. As the walls between paid, owned, and earned media have crumbled we expanded our services. Today, being an advertising firm means you must also be a content firm as well as an analytics firm. The creation of an online ad could could range from producing a video, to writing an op-ed, to building an interactive web tool. We have an unparalleled client service team, strong market position, and exceptional clients. As eager as we are to innovate, the commitment to our clients will always remain the heart of our vision.

We can do all of this because our amazing team. Not only were we lucky to be joined early by an amazing group of partners – Mark Skidmore and Ben Coffey Clark – but we now have experts in every field. From inspiring designers to expert technologists and master social media writers, I am in awe of our talent.  And when we include our terrific extended family, I feel lucky to have joined when I did – I am not sure I would make the cut today!

Where we are going
As proud as we are of the last five years, we are more excited about the next five.

Five years from today we will still be focused on precisely targeting our audience via sophisticated analytics. We still will be focused on optimized delivery methods to advance core business goals. And we still will be focused on crafting the most compelling messages to win elections, to build businesses bottom line, and to help non-profits succeed. But where we are, the channels we use, and how we use them may all change. We could not be better positioned for the market changes that are to come. It should be an exciting ride.

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