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21 April 2017

BPI Names Obama Alumna Director in San Francisco Office

Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI) announced former Barack Obama appointee Addie Whisenant as a new Director.

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21 April 2017

Addie Whisenant Joins Bully Pulpit Interactive

Addie Whisenant is joining Bully Pulpit Interactive as a director in their San Francisco office. She previously was director of African American media in the Obama White House and was also press secretary for HUD.

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06 April 2017

Advertisers, Consumers Take Notice of Trump’s Unusual Media Diet

Ben Coffey Clark, a founding partner at marketing agency Bully Pulpit Interactive, underscored how rapidly the advertising landscape has changed with the rise of digital advertising. Only a decade ago a full-page ad in a paper such as The Hill could suffice to reach the administration and cable news was reserved for bigger budgets.

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04 April 2017

What Will Democratic Campaigns Look Like In 2020? Hopefully, different than they look today.

Five months after Donald Trump’s presidential victory, it is time to stop looking backwards and start looking forwards at what Democrats can do to be more successful in 2018 and ultimately, the 2020 elections.

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06 February 2017

Most Internet traffic comes from bots, not people

One of Washington’s largest advertising agencies tells Axios that they have dozens of team members working to ensure advertising is seen by real people, not bots. “The investment we have made in technology to ensure we aren’t buying fraudulent traffic is extensive,” says Ben Coffey Clark, a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive. “It’s a trust we take very seriously.”

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30 January 2017

How the American Democrats can oppose Donald Trump

Ben LaBolt, who served as a press secretary for Obama and now works as a political consultant, said: “Public opinion is going to matter and organising is going to matter. Ultimately, if [Trump is] trying to push through changes that the American people oppose, we’ve got to ensure that Congress hears those concerns.”

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20 December 2016

YouTube Gained Political Ad Revenue This Year, ​But Lost Influence With Voters

LaBolt isn’t pessimistic about YouTube’s standing for political advertisers – it’s gone from the only show in town to the biggest of two – but said that “while campaigns and politicians may be accustomed to more polished, produced video, Facebook and some others changed the game on videos feeling less polished and more authentic.”

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16 December 2016

Five Predictions for Political Tech and Social Media in 2017

Andrew Bleeker of Bully Pulpit Interactive, the marketing and communications agency which helped lead Hillary Clinton’s digital efforts, believes that digital staff will start to take on chief communications officer and chief marketing officer roles, “which is when we will see the biggest changes in how we build brands, elect leaders and drive policy.”

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08 December 2016

Andrew Bleeker featured by “Tech on Politics” – Money, Message, Mobilization

BPI Founder and President, Andrew Bleeker, was interviewed for the Tech on Politics podcast by host Tom Serres.

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08 November 2016

Cracking the Code of the Elusive Infrequent Latino Voter

But relying on age as the only cue isn’t enough, said Tim Lim, partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive. The types of content people view online can help; for instance, if a voter is spotted on a Spanish-language site, the ad creative delivered will often be in that language.

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