Bully Pulpit Interactive Launches Agenda Setter

Bully Pulpit Interactive Launches Agenda Setter

Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI) is excited to announce Agenda Setter, a new advertising platform that drives targeted messages to influencers and their networks from sunrise to sunset. From influencing conversations around tax reform to infrastructure, Agenda Setter builds on BPI’s “people, not places” strategy with well-timed, precisely targeted and highly relevant advertising matched with BPI’s proprietary data set to drive effective public affairs campaigns.

Influencer Network Targeting
The network of a 25-year-old legislative staffer or 60-year-old K Street lobbyist is vast and includes thousands of data points. Agenda Setter maps these individual networks as well as how they interact to drive share of voice around your issue and reach the people that matter. To create the Agenda Setter platform, BPI built a data set that consists of approximately 7,000 distinct attributes that can be customized across 8 networks including White House Staff, Federal Agencies, Capitol Hill Staff, Political Party Committees, The Media, Lobbyists, Think Tanks and Industry Groups. Based on an interaction layer between these audiences, Agenda Setter can find the right audience to target and reach them wherever they are throughout the day using addressable, geo-targeted, programmatic and traditional publisher placements, among other tactics.

Win The Morning, Noon and Night
We know not all impressions are created equal – and certainly not equal at the same time each day. Agenda Setter uses individual-level tracking to customize messages to each person and then follows influencers across multiple screens and devices throughout the day – even at bus stops, on the radio and in building elevators. Agenda Setter bids heavily against certain publications in the morning and then shifts that focus to various locations throughout the day.

Influence The Conversation Of The Day
To make sure an issue is top of mind, it is important to prime audiences with advertising, earned media and content that helps to retain facts. Agenda Setter amplifies messages and makes grassroots constituents aware of issues through social media and native content promotion. This allows credible information to be amplified as well as negative information to be buried.

Deliver Holistic Campaign Measurement
Elites and influencers are often the hardest audiences to measure because they are the least likely to take an action, but Agenda Setter can track what people are thinking about on an issue using BPI’s proprietary measurement technology, Vantage. Agenda Setter delivers holistic audience measurement plus detailed Audience, Behavior and Social Media reports.

For more information about Agenda Setter, please email agendasetter@bpimedia.com or visit: agendasetter.bpimedia.com.