Bully Pulpit's Mark Skidmore Speaks with The Huffington Post about Elizabeth Warren Campaign

Bully Pulpit’s Mark Skidmore Speaks with The Huffington Post about Elizabeth Warren Campaign

Bully Pulpit Interactive Partner and Chief Strategist, Mark Skidmore, spoke to The Huffington Post about working with Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign. See what Mark had to say below and read the full piece titled, “Elizabeth Warren Brings Digital Army To Senate” by Amanda Terkel here.

The campaign did hire the consulting group Bully Pulpit Interactive, which also worked on President Barack Obama’s reelection effort, to run its ad program. Miller said while it’s smart to run an email operation in-house, running an ad program is beyond the capabilities of any Senate or House campaign.

BPI Partner Mark Skidmore was the chief digital ad strategist for the Warren campaign. He had three goals: persuasion (convincing voters to lean toward Warren), mobilization (get out the vote) and acquisition (donations). Reaching out to supporters on Facebook ended up being more important than he had anticipated — it was virtually a non-issue in the 2008 election — and the best times were during key moments in the campaign.

“From a buying perspective, early on, we really concentrated on the key moments we wanted to own. I think that was a really important part of the campaign,” Skidmore said. “I would have spent way more on the conventions, for instance, because we saw a huge return from ads around the convention. Same thing around the debates — I don’t think we could have forecasted she would have done so well in those debates, but if I could have looked back and planned those out, we would have bought those debate moments even bigger than we had.”

The gender gap also played a significant role in the Massachusetts race, with women heavily favoring Warren and men going for Brown. That made the digital strategy especially important for Warren’s campaign, since women dominate many social media sites.