How To #Win On Instagram - Best Practices For Brands

How To #Win On Instagram – Best Practices For Brands

For brands looking to connect with millennials, it is essential that they know how to use Instagram.

According to research firm L2, Instagram touts the highest engagement among millennials along with highest conversion rates from content browser to shopper.

If you are new to Instagram, it can be hard to understand how to grow your account. So for new brands or old ones looking to get ahead, below are a few ways to improve your Instagram presence and connect with the millennial audience:

1. Be useful, tag your content: Many users leverage Instagram as a resource similar to Yelp and explore images through geo-tags. If you set your profile as public, all users on Instagram searching via a geo-tag or hashtag will be able to see your photos and like your content. This helps increase your following and credibility.

2. Create opportunities for fans to participate: While the amount of likes is useful for generating insight on what content resonates, likes are not the only metric that determine success on Instagram. It is important to post regularly (3x a week) and engage your followers through contests, memes and exclusive content. Many brands include photos of followers using their product or challenge their followers to engage in contests and submit photos. For example, an Instagram campaign by Benefit Cosmetics called on fans to submit selfies with Benefit’s mascara. This campaign culminated in more than 11,900 selfies submitted under the #realsies hashtag. Sour Patch Kids is another brand utilizing the unique user experience on Instagram for brand awareness by offering touring artists a house in Brooklyn, under the condition they upload content from the house using the hashtag #BrooklynPatch on Instagram and other social networks.

3. Set benchmarks and follow the competition: Like any social media marketing campaign, it is important to set benchmarks to measure success and pay attention to what your competition is doing on Instagram. By monitoring the photos, captions and engagement tactics that motivate your audience, you can get a sense of what works best and keep an eye on the competition.

Instagram is an intimate channel for followers to connect with a brand.  If done right, this platform can be a valuable vehicle to tell your story and reward customers for their loyalty. And now, with the recent the introduction of clickable links within ads, brands can tell a story through images and begin to track clicks too.

We see Instagram as a must-do when it comes to social platforms that can connect with millennials. Do you? Let us know in the comments.