Human Rights Campaign Gives an Assist to @JasonCollins34

Human Rights Campaign Gives an Assist to @JasonCollins34

Last week NBA player Jason Collins made history by becoming the first active male athlete in a major American sport to come out as a gay.

The Human Rights Campaign immediately got to work to get the word out. We were proud to work with HRC to help direct the real-time conversation on Twitter in positive ways through a variety of promoted tweets celebrating Jason’s courage and asking supporters to spread the word and thank him.

Online platforms like Twitter offer everyone a voice – ideally for good, but sometimes for bad – which is why it is important to be there in the moment and cultivate a positive conversation. Given our past experience working with campaigns and causes, we knew this historic moment had to be remembered positively by the sports community and the world.

We set out to rally a community, to create a conversation support so strong, only a small fringe would even consider going against it. And if they did, they’d get called out.

Through targeting a variety of keywords, interest profiles and hashtags, the organization’s tweets were seen over a million times and retweeted over 8,000 times, helping to shape a historic conversation at a critical time.

Below is one of the tweets with the highest engagement:


We’re proud to salute Jason Collins and the many other LGBT athletes before him who have had the courage to come out and become not only pioneers, but also role models for youth worldwide.

This is the latest in Bully Pulpit Interactive’s ongoing work with the Human Rights Campaign. BPI recently worked with HRC to shape the real-time digital conversation during the Supreme Court opening arguments through a variety of social and mobile marketing tactics.

Scott Zumwalt is a senior director at Bully Pulpit Interactive. Scott helps lead some of BPI’s major client engagements drawing on his diverse background in digital advocacy for non-profits and political campaigns. Scott, who previously was the chief digital strategist behind the It Gets Better Project, is considered one of the leading digital innovators in the LGBT rights movement.