Introducing Vantage – A New Way To Measure The Impact of Online Ads

Introducing Vantage – A New Way To Measure The Impact of Online Ads

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Vantage, a new platform we hope will change how corporate brands, political campaigns and advocacy groups measure online marketing – both paid and owned.

Currently, marketers primarily optimize campaigns based on engagement. Metrics like clicks, likes, and shares are readily available in every marketing platform – but just because they’re easy to measure doesn’t mean they are the best barometers of success for reputational marketing. For example, a highly “liked” post or “clicked” ad may resonate with supporters, but not with persuadable audiences.

Vantage allows us to measure the persuasive impact of our content, and track attitudinal shifts among our audience as a result of exposure to our marketing efforts. The end result: we can now optimize for persuasion instead of engagement. We can now track metrics like message recall, issue favorability, and intent to take action the same way we track CTR or conversion rate today.

Below are a few questions that Vantage will help us answer:

– What is my most impactful piece of creative? Rather than optimize for engagement rates, we can measure how a piece of creative shifts our audience’s view on an issue – before a campaign even begins. This information drives our creative weighting and rotation for a media buy, making every impression more effective.

– Do people remember what my campaign is about? Using our proprietary survey technology, we can measure what our audience remembers from our marketing content – paid or owned – and use this to develop more compelling content for future efforts.

– What is the overall impact of my marketing campaign? We can measure this both at a macro-level, as well as track shifts among different demographic groups.

– Who is visiting my website (and what are they doing)? Typical web analytics platforms tell you what’s happening on your website. Vantage can tell you who’s doing what, measuring how key audiences like influentials, shoppers, and donors interact differently with your content.

Want to know how Vantage and our suite of marketing services can work for you? See more information in our press release or contact us here.