Make Sure Every Impression Counts

Make Sure Every Impression Counts

With the rise of self-serve advertising platforms, it is easier than ever to boot up a system and deliver an ad impression online. But it is harder to make sure that the ad actually has an impact. Even a great piece of creative won’t work if no one sees it or if it is targeted to a bot instead of a person or if it is judged by misleading metrics. 

At BPI, we have been focused on delivering the most impactful, efficient and targeted advertising for years. We continue to make sure every impression is impactful, viewed by a person who matters and moves the needle in terms of business outcomes.  Here are a few of the ways we do this every day:

1. Target people, not places: Rather than broad and wasteful buying, the bulk of our campaigns start with a specific list of voters or customers we want to reach. We can match these people on a 1:1 basis to their devices and social profiles so that we can target them with ads wherever they go online. And even when we’re targeting a broader audience, we’ve extensively vetted the data marketplace to find the most accurate ways to reach the people who matter.

2. Watch the watchmen: Every platform gives its own report on ad delivery. But to verify those results, we use independent solutions like Moat and White Ops to make sure the data is accurate and each impression is seen by a person.

3. Block the bad stuff: We pre-screen every impression against a proprietary list of sites, cookies, and user IDs to make sure our ads are only shown alongside brand-safe content and avoid bot traffic.

4. Deliver media effectively: Just one or two impressions won’t move the needle. But while almost every advertising platform has a “frequency cap” – or a limit on the amount of media a person can see – almost none have “frequency floors” – or the ability to deliver a minimum amount of media to each person. We’ve built internal tools to deliver media in a way that’s impactful and not wasteful.

5. Measure what really matters: At the end of the day, impressions, social engagement and even attention are really just proxy metrics for success. We’ve built tools like Vantage to ultimately tie the success of our campaigns to business metrics like reputation and favorability. And our infrastructure lets us attribute online ad impressions to offline actions like sales or votes.

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