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2017 Rising Stars | Campaigns & Elections

2017 Rising Stars | Campaigns & Elections

Christina Sheffey, Democrat Director of Video, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Don’t complain about boring campaign ads to Christina Sheffey. As the director of video at Bully Pulpit Interactive, she’s worked hard to push clients including the DCCC and Hillary For America beyond their marketing comfort zones. For NextGen Climate, she pioneered using Tinder, as a vehicle for advocacy messaging. That ad campaign was part of an effort which helped register 95,000 Millennial voters in 2016. While Sheffey is also a proponent of clients getting their messaging out through Snapchat and Instagram, she’s equally comfortable with traditional mediums. In fact, her 15-second TV spot, the auctioneer-inspired “Dold to the Highest Bidder” for End Citizens United, helped unseat a Republican congressman and won awards to boot. But the Lebanon, Pa., native has different standards for her career milestones. She cites changing the laws in Colorado and Oklahoma to allow full-strength beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores as one of her top accomplishments.

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