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Meet the 'micro-Pacs' buying political ads on Facebook

Meet the ‘micro-Pacs’ buying political ads on Facebook

Some experts think the "micro-Pac" trend could be just the start of a new political force.

"Increasingly as more and more groups, individuals and organisations are trying to get involved in politics, social media broadly is giving them a big microphone to do so," says Andrew Bleeker of Bully Pulpit Interactive, who was a top digital strategist on former US President Barack Obama's presidential campaigns. "And they can do so at the local level for very small amounts of money."

At the same time, Bleeker says: "The future of digital media is that it's very difficult to police."

"There's no ability where any kind of government in real time is going to regulate individual pieces of content, nor do I think they should," he says. "Where I've seen the line be very helpful is some sort of registration or disclaimer to say who this person is, who is behind this. Who are you for? It's really where things are unmarked and undisclosed where there's most potential for error."

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