Defending The Affordable Care Act: Save My Care

Defending The Affordable Care Act: Save My Care

Along with partners, BPI created a health care organization, Save My Care, to fight to protect the Affordable Care Act. BPI developed the strategy for Save My Care with the goal of ensuring it would be persuasive to moderate Congressional members from both parties.

What we Did

Beginning in January 2017, we highlighted the dangers of repealing heath care with no replacement, and then mobilized against the replacement health care bill as it made its way through the House. We then launched an aggressive campaign during the February congressional recess to reach targeted members while they were in their home districts, and drove rapid response campaigns following the House committee vote on the replacement bill. BPI also planned and executed organic communications efforts, including the launch of a website page to track Congressional town halls and meetings by state, so people could share their concerns with their elected officials in person. With the Save My Care bus tour, we were able to share stories online from individuals whose lives directly depend on access to affordable health care.

The Client

Save My Care serves as a grassroots coalition of health care advocates to protect and preserve care for millions of Americans.

Other Details

To learn more, visit Save My Care’s website.