Exelon: A Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

Exelon: A Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

BPI worked with Exelon to launch and run a thought leadership program to add Exelon's voice to the national conversation around clean energy and climate change. In addition to Exelon's role as the leading energy utilities holdings company in the United States, they also promote a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in their 34,000-person strong workforce.

What we Did

Exelon wanted to get the word out about supporting the next generation of women engineers through STEM education and its efforts toward diversity and inclusion. BPI helped Exelon put together a series of engaging blog and social media posts, which included videos, animated GIFs, and infographics to show how Exelon leads the way on fostering a diverse workforce and community environment. This included showcasing Exelon’s sponsorship of a local Girl Scouts troop in Chicago on their trip to Washington, DC and overall how Exelon is working to promote STEM education for girls.

The Client

Exelon is a Fortune 100 energy utilities holdings company with a deep commitment to providing reliable, clean energy to its operating companies’ customers while addressing the challenges of climate change. Its energy portfolio is clean and renewable, with most of its generating capacity coming from wind, solar, hydro and nuclear energy sources.

Other Details

Learn more about Exelon here: http://www.exeloncorp.com/