Helping Elect Pro-Choice Democratic Women to Office

Helping Elect Pro-Choice Democratic Women to Office

BPI helps EMILY's List gain new supporters and drive donations by running digital advertising campaigns that tap into key issues that affect women and families—giving a broad progressive audience the opportunity to support women in office and to achieve much more equal representation.

What we Did

BPI supports EMILY’s List with a robust digital ads program that boosts acquisition and online fundraising. Through rigorous testing, we identify best practices that apply to the organization’s digital program, including everything from audience insights and high-performing graphics to winning headlines and donation asks. To date, we’ve acquired thousands of new donors who give an average gift of over $50. Our ROI-positive program helps to ensure they can keep electing more pro-choice Democratic women to office—including the first woman president!

The Client

EMILY’s List is the top organization working to elect pro-choice Democratic women to office. For over 30 years, EMILY’s List has been championing diversity in government to ensure that our leaders reflect the people they serve. In total, EMILY’s List has helped elect 110 congresswomen, 19 senators, 11 governors and many more women to local office.

Other Details

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