NextGen America: Inspiring Millennials to Vote

NextGen America: Inspiring Millennials to Vote

BPI worked with NextGen America to launch and run both their Millennial Voter Project and their Campus Program with the goal of activating and motivating 18-35 year-old voters in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Hampshire to vote for Democratic candidates who support measures to protect the climate.

What we Did

NextGen America wanted to mobilize the youth vote in 2016. BPI helped the organization run one of the most advanced millennial-targeted digital marketing programs in the history of politics. Through the use of video advertising and unique creative, the Millennial Voter Program reached 6.9 millennials, committed over 93,000 millennials to vote and registered thousands of students on college campuses to vote.

The Client

NextGen America is an environmental advocacy organization that aims to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for all Americans. NextGen America supports candidates, elected officials and policymakers across the country to take bold, progressive action on climate change.

Other Details

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