No On 32

No On 32

In California Proposition 32, a measure appearing on the November statewide ballot, was not what it seemed. While it claimed to be about "stopping special interests," the measure actually would have given special exemptions to corporate special interests and Super PACs. To frame Prop 32 as phony reform before it was a well known issue, BPI developed a creative concept that was eye-catching, established a villain and felt familiar.

What we Did

Creative was a modern take on World War II propaganda featuring a Super Pac billionaire villain, and it carried through and coordinated across banner, social and video. The concept worked, driving an engagement rate as high as three times the average for banner ads. Thanks to online advertising, BPI generated more than 328,000 supporters over a period of six months, giving No On 32 one of the largest digital communities of any ballot initiative in California. We even outpaced the opposition by generating five times more social media supporters than our opponents. Our data-driven approach helped us identify and target the audiences we needed to win, including Democratic women, Spanish-speaking constituents and other voters.

The Client

No On 32, a campaign by the Alliance for a Better California 2012, hired BPI in March 2012. In May and June 2012, BPI and No On 32 launched the "Stop Special Exemptions" website, logo and ads, as well as ads and rapid response during the Koch Brothers convention. More ads and targeting came in through the following months, as well as high-impact ad impressions during the final three weeks before the election.

Other Details