Obama for America 2008

Obama for America 2008

Digital marketing helped then candidate Barack Obama bring millions of new supporters into his campaign and start a political movement that broke records and set the stage for all future political campaigns.

What we Did

With unprecedented rates of return on investment, the Obama online paid media program contributed to the following results:

  • 13 million active email list subscribers

  • Over $500 million donations

  • 29 primary and caucus state victories, driven by supporters recruited online

  • A 53% general election victory

The Client

By the general election, Obama's campaign had raised more than $650 million, mostly through small donations online. In just the first quarter of 2008, it raised more money than it had in all of 2007. The campaign used social media and websites like My.BarackObama.com to reach more people, particularly targeting those in the 18-to-29 age range. Activities online engaged Americans in conversation and in-person campaign activities.

Organizing for America (OFA) formed in January 2009, working as a community organizing project focused on Obama's legislative efforts, including the 2009 stimulus package and healthcare reform. It later served as the grassroots arm of the Obama 2012 campaign—calling itself Organizing for Action—pushing GOTV efforts and sharing digital assets. By April 2012, the campaign had raised $191 million in donations. Today, OFA focuses its efforts on issues such as gun control, marriage equality, healthcare and immigration reform.

Other Details

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