Obama for America 2012

Obama for America 2012

In 2012, Barack Obama's re-election team ran a groundbreaking digital ad program that supported the campaign's fundraising, persuasion and mobilization efforts. The program raised over $100 million dollars, reached independents in key swing states and registered more than 250,000 voters online.

What we Did

BPI worked with the Obama for America digital ad team in 2011 and 2012 on the largest digital spend in political history, focusing on the campaign's three main goals: Raise money, persuade and mobilize voters.
Beginning in April of 2011, the Obama digital ad team worked to maximize the efficiency of the campaign's digital fundraising efforts. We ran various tests throughout the entirety of the campaign, analyzing nearly every point in the acquisition process – everything from banner images to button color and sign-up pages. We also tested different messaging approaches with well over 75 unique media partners. In total, we collected millions of new supporters and raised over $100 million from supporters acquired through digital advertising.
In addition to an aggressive email acquisition and online fundraising campaign, the team also ran a comprehensive marketing campaign that focused on reaching persuadable voters online. In order to reach the mass amount of undecided voters online, we utilized a data model to identify precisely the voters we needed to persuade, and serve them ads where they were already spending their time online. We served these voters poll-tested messaging on core issues and specific topics based on what audience segment they fell into – a young voter in Ohio was not getting the same messaging as a mother in Virginia. Digital ads were also used to capitalize on high profile events – the GOP's Vice Presidential pick, the debates and conventions – to ensure our message was seen during big moments.
During the final sleepless months, the digital advertising team supported the campaign's field efforts by registering more than 250,000 people online and getting more than 500,000 voters to look up their polling place.
Just after 11pm ET on November 6, 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States.

The Client

Obama for America was the grassroots campaign organization that helped elect Barack Obama as president in 2008, and again in 2012.

Other Details

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