SXSW 2014 Panels: Get Out The Vote

SXSW 2014 Panels: Get Out The Vote

Every year, SXSW asks the tech community to submit ideas for their annual interactive conference in Austin, TX.

We decided to bring together some of the top thinkers in our field as well as members of our teams to propose as panelists for the 2014 conference.

Help our panels get selected for SXSW 2014! Vote for our proposed panels below and share with friends.

What Is Data That You Can Believe In?

How can the data and audience modeling techniques perfected by the Obama campaign transform the way companies buy advertising on television and online? As we look ahead to 2014 and 2016 races, this panel will discuss how the lessons learned in political targeting can apply to future campaigns and corporate outreach. Hear from leaders in the media buying, measurement and digital space on the latest analytics and audience modeling technologies.


  • Larry Grisolano, AKPD
  • Jeff Link, Analytics Media Group
  • Andrew Bleeker, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Give Us Your Best Pitch

Advertising executives are the masters at framing and perfecting the power point presentation. In this pitch session, however, the tables are turned onto the advertising technologists to convince these leaders in the digital ad space to use a new ad product or new vendor for future online ad buys. This panel will listen to pitches from emerging ad tech providers about the next big thing in online advertising and why their platform is the one that should be used over the others.


  • Mark Skidmore, Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Darren Herman, Media Kitchen

How Advertising Is Changing Content for Good

There is a whole new world out there for brands when it comes to how to make sure your content is seen online. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising as well as the trend toward sponsored content on traditional media sites — there are new rules when it comes to how we market and consume information. In some cases, the lines between editorial and advertising are becoming blurred. For those on social networks, it often takes paid dollars to make sure content is actually seen rather than buried in the newsfeed. What does this new landscape mean for the consumer, the reader and for the future of our information economy? How does this change the relationship between editorial and advertising? What are the rules? Hear from those in publishing, advertising and tech to discuss how sponsored content, native ads and social media advertising are changing the future of the content business for good.


  • Jennifer Nedeau, Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Jenna Golden, Twitter
  • Hayley Romer, The Atlantic

Private Tech for Public Good

It is fairly obvious by now that technology advances have changed the world. But occasionally, it comes into question whether that change has been for good or bad. Often, the innovation coming out of Silicon Valley has been about creating a consumer good rather than a public good. This panel will discuss what is needed from the technology community in order to improve democracy and really make the world a better place. It will look at examples of new companies and technology working toward creating public goods, not just private technology.


  • Ben Coffey Clark, Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Jim Gilliam, Nation Builder

How The Marriage Equality Fight Won The Internet

When the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Prop 8 for being unconstitutional, citizens across the United States rejoiced and shared their feelings online. Learn about how The Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT organizations captured this key moment using social media, advertising, email and organizing tactics to ensure that this victory was not only celebrated at an individual level, but at an organizational one as well. Hear from additional experts in social movements and political campaigns about how the Internet helped to create a social movement around marriage equality. This panel will be geared towards the past success and future of advocacy online and review specific tactics.


  • Scott Zumwalt, Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Anastasia Khoo, Human Rights Campaign

Selling Cars To Candidates: A New Digital Frontier

The end of the 2012 elections heralded a new age of individualized, tailored advertising. The best of the political and commercial worlds were brought together to achieve ROI metrics never seen before in online advertising. Data matching technologies, increased high impact inventory, and sophisticated measurement tools all played a part. Hear from the experts and the teams that are pushing the boundaries in this field.


  • Mike Schneider, Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Tim Lim, Precision Network
  • Dan Scudder, Live Ramp