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Influencing the Influencers

Agenda Setter is a new advertising platform that drives targeted messages to influencers and their networks from sunrise to sunset. To create the Agenda Setter platform, we built a data set of approximately 7,000 distinct attributes that can be customized across 8 networks, including: White House Staff, Federal Agencies, Capitol Hill Staff, Political Party Committees, The Media, Lobbyists, Think Tanks and Industry Groups.

Agenda Setter uses individual-level targeting to reach each person and their network and we can follow those influencers across multiple screens and devices from sunrise to sunset.

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Vantage Platform: Optimize For Persuasion

There’s a fundamental difference between what is engaging and what is persuasive. That's why we built Vantage.

Our proprietary platform tracks exposure from all digital channels and can measure the persuasive value of content – both paid and owned – on an individual level. This lets us track what’s actually moving our audience’s opinion instead of relying on proxy metrics such as clicks, shares, and likes.

The result: brands can develop content that resonates better with their target audience and we can finally put an ROI on reputational advertising.

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Ad Metrics: Buy Attention, Not Just Impressions

Not all ad impressions are created equally.

We track if – and for how long – our ads are actually seen, and optimize for screen time rather than simply impressions. This allows us to buy the highest impact and highest value placements for our clients.

We also measure when people stop watching our ads – either by muting an ad or jumping to another window while the ad played in the background. This lets us know what creative actually holds people’s attention, and allows us to quickly identify what creative works in a digital medium.

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Individual Targeting: Reach The Right People

BPI pioneered individual-level voter-file targeted advertising in 2012.

Since launching voter-file targeted advertising in 2012, we’ve expanded our capabilities to enable targeting a specific list of customers or voters across any channel – desktop, mobile, or social. These tools minimize waste and maximize impact by ensure you reach only the people you need to win.

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Centralized Data: Focus on analysis, not reporting

Provide deep insights by campaign theme, audience or message.

A typical ad campaign runs on a dozen different networks or platforms. Data from these sources is typically fractured and can lead to poor decision-making, as it is nearly impossible for any single person to have a 360-degree view of what is happening.

We solved this challenge by putting a reporting system and data warehouse at the heart of our technology stack. Each day, it parses data from each of our advertising platforms, aggregates it by message and audience, verifies it against anti-fraud data, and pairs it together with website activity and transaction data to automatically calculate ROI.

Instead of spending time wrangling data, our team can focus on analysis rather than reporting – and provide deep insights by campaign theme, audience, or message.

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