Training the Next Generation of Political Data Nerds

Training the Next Generation of Political Data Nerds

In the world of political campaigns, data departments are still considered the new kids on the block. However, the industry has evolved in lightning-fast ways since it came on the scene in 2008. These type of jobs didn’t exist on the Gore presidential campaign, but do now – from the Presidential campaign down to congressional races. 

There is at least one commonality among any data staffer you talk to: they are almost certainly a graduate of one of the many training and seminars conducted by the most innovative organizations in Democratic politics. From the New Organizing Institute to Obama for America, many generations of staffers – from the most senior director to the most junior assistant – have advised, consulted, taught, or studied with the best in their field. Simply put, the technological and human advantage that the Democrats have is a direct result of our ability to recruit, train, and place the best staff in politics.

I, too, am a result of these trainings, which is why I am proud to work at BPI and collaborate with Wellstone Action to give back and continue to invest in the next generation of data scientists who we need to apply their rigorous knowledge to a variety of needs within political campaigns from advertising to field to modeling operations. 

To continue to invest in the future of the democratic party, Wellstone Action will execute the largest and most diverse Data and Analytics Bootcamp planned for the 2016 cycle this February. People like me, plus teachers and students across Democratic politics will come together for a week-long opportunity to learn from the best in the data-driven business. We are accepting applications now. Whether you’ve spent a ton of time in politics or if you’re a statistical whiz who is new to the electoral process – we want you to be involved.  

To learn more about the application process for the Wellstone Action Data and Analytics Bootcamp go here.

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about ways to support the training, we’re hosting an event tonight, Wednesday, December 16th. Please RSVP on Facebook.

Lastly, for continued career growth, BPI has a robust fellowship program that trains young professionals on hard skills around digital advertising for candidates, causes and more. If you are interested in becoming a BPI fellow, learn more on our careers page

And if you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. Email me here.

Author Bio: Daniel Scarvalone helps build and manage BPI’s testing and analytics tools through his work on the BPI Labs team. Before joining BPI, Daniel was the Director of Data and Modeling at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where his team managed the data and analytics that optimized Democratic House campaigns across the country. Prior to his work at the DCCC, Daniel was the Reporting Director at Obama for America, where he helped the campaign’s leadership evaluate organizing programs across the country, and worked on the construction and deployment of the campaign’s engagement tools. Outside of his work at BPI, Daniel is an avid supporter of the Arsenal Gunners, and a Fast and Furious enthusiast. He’s a proud Brooklyn native, and a Tufts University alum.

Disclosure: Bully Pulpit Interactive has donated to Wellstone Action.