Trending: #LIVESTRONGDay

Trending: #LIVESTRONGDay

October 2nd, 2012 was LIVESTRONG Day, and the 15th anniversary of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. To commemorate this moment and honor the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide, BPI helped LIVESTRONG create – a platform that allowed users to share messages through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Messages were gathered in advance and released at optimal times in order to gain critical mass and ultimately created the largest display of support for cancer survivors in history.

This wasn’t just about raising awareness, through a donor-match program, every message shared raised $1 to support cancer survivors.

Over a period of 3 weeks leading up to the day, BPI helped generated over 100,000 messages to be released throughout the day and helped get #LIVESTRONGDay to trend on Twitter and Facebook. For additional impact and awareness we crafted and executed a paid media strategy to amplify these organic messages, with high-impact ad creative units across major news sites and publications.

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