#WeDemandAVote Ad Campaign Brings Background Check Loopholes To  Forefront

#WeDemandAVote Ad Campaign Brings Background Check Loopholes To Forefront

Organizing for Action’s first Day of Action launched on Friday, February 22 to support President Obama’s plan for a more robust background check system for gun sales. Bully Pulpit Interactive helped to plan and coordinate the #WeDemandAVote campaign – targeting 13 lawmakers by helping to mobilize their local constituents and news media. The campaign included nine state takeovers on key local news sites, plus an in-banner tweet tool that populated a message tailored to each lawmaker, as well as a “click to call” feature which allowed constituents to call their members of Congress from their mobile devices.

On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, Chuck Todd described the ad saying:

“The remnants of the 2012 campaign has made his first [online] ads go live today, same day that OFA is holding its first day of action supporting the president’s gun control plan. The ad targets [13] GOP lawmakers who have not publicly committed to stricter background checks.”

The LA Times wrote:

“The online ad buy, which cost close to six figures, is the first such campaign by Organizing for Action, the month-old advocacy group formed by top advisors to President Obama to build momentum for his legislative agenda. The ads are going live the same day as the group launches its first national mobilization, a so-called day of action featuring 100 events around the country aimed at demonstrating support for Obama’s gun violence reduction plan.”

You can see more examples of the ad running on local news sites and on Facebook below: