What Does $4.5 Million Actually Get You on Super Bowl Sunday?

What Does $4.5 Million Actually Get You on Super Bowl Sunday?

Here at BPI we are known for our work in politics where we follow strict metrics to run efficient ad campaigns and deliver real world results such as getting candidates elected. But as we prepare for the big game on Sunday, we are going to do what we do best: get ready to dig into the data.

We are going to run a test to see if Super Bowl ads drive higher brand favorability or shift intent to purchase the products advertised during the game. Are consumers more likely to buy a product after they see an ad, or is it just another form of entertainment? How do volume metrics such as likes, shares, retweets, favorites and video views help move the needle, if at all?

As AdWeek reports, there are a number of new brands such as Wix, Weight Watchers and Carnival Cruises in addition to stalwart brands such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, McDonalds participating this year. And then there are brands such as Audi and VW sitting out. For brands like these, we will measure favorability and intent to purchase before and after the game on Sunday and then compare those results with volume metrics.

Our hope is that this test will help us discover answers to the following marketing dilemmas:

– Was It Worth It: Superbowl ads cost a lot. We want to know what the investment did for new brands. We will look at shifts for five newcomers this year – Wix, Loctite, eSurance, Carnival, and Weight Watchers.

– Sitting Out: Did your brand lose mind share to other competitors by sitting out the Superbowl this year? We will compare a few auto companies who decided to participate against those who didn’t.

– NFL Brand: The NFL has had a rough year in the eye of the public. Can a PSA during the Super Bowl about Domestic Violence change the NFL’s brand perception? We will pose this question too.

– Millennial Reaction: Marketing to millennials is a constant topic of discussion for brands. In the test, we are going to oversample the millennials to breakout of how their attitudes differ from the general market.

Will the ads running this year drive more sales of pizza, beer, cars and insurance? Does a high volume of tweets change brand perception? These are the type of questions we want to answer with this test.

We should have our results ready by Friday, February 6.