Who Won The #BrandBowl?

Who Won The #BrandBowl?

Almost nearly as important as who wins the Superbowl is who wins the advertising “war” during the game.

This year, we saw greater online integration with each television commercial than in years past with nearly every ad featuring an URL, Facebook Page, Twitter account, hashtag or even an Instagram prompt in an effort to get viewers to participate — and, more importantly, to allow brands to track the results. And while it was nice to see brands aim for an integrated online experience with television commercials, few made social media feel like anything more than an afterthought.

One brand, however, demonstrated a unique and relevant approach to social media — Oreo. Oreo was the only brand that opted for an Instagram integration in their commercial and then provided a fresh image the moment after the lights went out across various social channels, which is a good example of how to be hyper-relevant and join the conversation with the right creative assets.

Out of dozens of commercials that aired during the game, we counted 28 unique hashtags and then ranked the ads that created the most Twitter buzz during the day of the game using data from Topsy.com. We only looked at the data around the day of the game and you can see the list of hashtags we tracked in the chart below. Ranked by volume of mentions, the most popular hashtags related to commercials at the time of our data analysis were: 1) Pepsi’s Halftime Show, 2) Fast & Furious and 3) Budweiser #Clydesdale Ad.

Twitter also tracked the overall response to the game and said that Beyonce’s performance accounted for more than 5.5 million mentions overall — which is much higher than the 33,000 uses of the #pepsihalftime tag below. Additionally, it should be noted that halftime show was an outlier given the length of the experience, but the hashtag results speak to how one could try to measure the ROI of an entertainment sponsorship compared with an on-air TV ad. It should be noted that unless you pull metrics from all platforms — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram — you won’t have a complete picture of online buzz, but this is one way we found to quickly measure just some of the social media impact during the Superbowl.

But enough of our analysis, see the results for yourself. Below is a list of hashtags used in the on-air commercials ranked by volume of mentions on Twitter in the last 24 hours. These numbers were pulled on the morning of Monday, February 4.

Brand Hashtag Volume of Mentions
Pepsi #pepsihalftime 33,000
Fast & Furious #fast6 15,00
Budweiser #clydesdales 9,542
Calvin Klein #calvinklein 9,361
Pistachio #crackinstyle 6,038
Doritos #Doritos 5,987
GoDaddy #thekiss 5,073
Tide #miraclestain 2,198
VW #gethappy 2,059
Samsung #thenextbigthing 2,001
Budweiser #HereWeGo 1,993
Audi #BraveryWins 1,682
SpeedStick #handleit 1,564
Toyota #wishgranted 1,120
Coke #cokechase 949
Doritos #goat4sale 530
Subway #15YrWinningStreak 501
M&M #BetterWithMMS 457
Best Buy #InfiniteAnswers 424
Hyundai #PickYourTeam 379
Cars.com #nodrama 375
Subway #februany 338
GoDaddy #yourbigidea 323
Kia #SpaceBabies 314
Lincoln #steerthescript 295
Disney #DisneyOz 275
Mio #changestuff 190
Toyota #letsgoplaces 27