Alex Kellner

Managing Director

Alex Kellner is a Managing Director at Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI), where he develops marketing strategies for campaigns, companies, and causes that result in real world outcomes.

At BPI, he helps clients pass complex legislation, improve brand favorability, and increase vote share in elections. Alex specializes in crafting messaging for voters in purple states, business elites, millennials, and activists. As one of the agency's foremost political experts, Alex has overseen digital media strategy and over $200M in expenditures for candidates and the largest independent political groups, including Joe Biden's SuperPAC Unite the Country, Priorities USA, Everytown for Gun Safety, and NextGen America. Outside of politics, he has led the development and execution of audience-first marketing strategies for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Aon.

Prior to joining BPI, Alex served as Digital Director for Gov. Terry McAuliffe's 2013 gubernatorial campaign and Sen. Claire McCaskill's 2012 Senate campaign. In less than two years, he managed online fundraising programs that netted $7.5 million collectively, ran cutting edge online organizing efforts, and oversaw multi-million dollar online advertising campaigns. Before hitting the campaign trail, Alex spent several years at Blue State Digital where he developed and executed content, outreach, and social networking strategies for clients such as USA World Cup Bid Committee, Autism Speaks, The Communications Workers of America, United Way, and more.

Kellner holds a Master’s degree in Political Management and a Bachelor's in Political Communications from The George Washington University, where he also served as an adjunct professor in Digital Strategy.

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