Ben Coffey Clark

Founding Partner

Ben Coffey Clark is a founding partner responsible for business development at Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI). He is a passionate voice for digital marketing within the Democratic Party and a leader in how brands can communicate their values to consumers and win business.

A lead advocate for digital in the Democratic Party since his start on the Howard Dean campaign, he has advised and set up the largest digital marketing efforts for the party every cycle since. Most recently he helped take back the house with Mike Bloomberg’s political operation and guided the investments Priorities USA and NextGen made online. 

With a combination of diverse BPI talent and proprietary technology, he has developed innovative revenue strategies to accrue nearly a billion dollars in spend and sign top brands, presidential campaigns, and companies across four offices. He identified the acquisition of Incite, a strategic communications shop, whose talent combined with BPI’s technology has redefined what an integrated digital and communications team can do for a client. He advises some of the world’s largest brands on how to focus on the hearts and minds of modern customers and win business similar to how candidates win elections. As a former political reporter and editorial director of The Washingtonian, he also advises publishers and platforms on editorial revenue models. 

In the media:

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