Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas

Senior Director, Impact & Mobilization

Over the past 14 years, Jesse has honed his skills in political campaigning, public affairs, digital marketing, and technology at the highest levels of national politics. He has built products and programs that have raised millions of dollars, mobilized millions of voters, and put Democrats back into power.

At Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI), Jesse has written ads and built campaigns that helped the Democrats win the White House and take back the Senate. With Unite the Country, Jesse’s ad campaigns helped build trust with black voters in Joe Biden’s plans to invest in Black America. With Biden for America, Jesse built campaigns that turned gamers out to vote, including a first-of-its kind Presidential campaign sponsorship of influencers and content creators on Twitch. For the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Jesse built and executed a digital creative campaign that significantly increased turnout in the Georgia run-off elections, helping to deliver the Senate to the Democrats.

Along with working for marquee candidates in statewide and major metropolitan elections, he’s worked on campaigns with Tobacco Free Kids, the League of Conservation Voters, and Everytown for Gun Safety, and he helped launch OneTen, a major corporate coalition which includes Walmart, Nike, Target, Delta, Merck, and American Express's commitment to creating 1 million family sustaining careers for black talent in America without a four-year degree. 

Prior to BPI, Jesse was a two-time veteran of Obama for America, served as Deputy Director for Interactive Communications at USAID, as Digital Director at NextGen Climate, and as SVP and Interim CEO at Crowdpac, where he built products that raised millions of dollars for non-traditional and first-time political candidates.