Paulette Aniskoff

Paulette Aniskoff


Paulette Aniskoff is a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI), where she leads stakeholder engagement, coalition management, and grassroots campaigns.

Paulette is a former Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the Obama White House. After the conclusion of his term in office, she stayed on with President Obama to create his political strategy for the 2018 midterms, and oversee his engagement with candidates, campaign committees, and progressive organizations. At the Office of Public Engagement, Paulette ran President Obama’s efforts to create a dialogue with the American public. The office supported the administration’s policy goals by running campaigns to promote public awareness, build coalitions, and engage with thousands of stakeholders, including nonprofit organizations, business leaders, and activists.     

Prior to her time running the Office of Public Engagement, she served as Director of Individual and Community Preparedness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In that role she partnered with nonprofits, community organizations, and government officials to promote effective disaster planning at the local level. Before FEMA, Paulette served in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel, where she worked to place political appointees in leadership positions throughout the executive branch. 

Paulette went into the Obama administration after working for then-Senator Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign. She was his Get Out the Vote Director for the Iowa Caucuses and a number of other primary and caucus states before serving as the campaign's Pennsylvania Field Director in the general election. 

Paulette previously ran her own political consulting firm, working with U.S. Senators, Members of Congress, philanthropists, and issue advocacy organizations. Paulette was a Fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service in 2019. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder.