BPI builds tools and products to solve our clients' communications and analytics needs.

Our clients need to identify and persuade hard-to-reach audiences – and sometimes the tools to do this don’t exist. BPI’s Labs team builds and customizes platforms to measure the impact of content, reach the right audience, and track large amounts of relevant data. 

We’ve used these tools to improve reputations of Fortune 100 companies, reach key elected official when their attention is spread thin, and measure the impact of reputation on sales or customer acquisition. 



There's a fundamental difference between engagement and persuasion -- and organizations need to be able to measure both. Vantage lets you move beyond clicks, likes, and shares to track how marketing campaigns changed opinion. The platform delivers targeted surveys to the specific people reached with your content, and measures opinion among a representative sample of 195MM Americans. See how we used this tool to determine the right messaging to pass Yes on 3, a transgender rights Massachusetts ballot initiative.



Decision-makers are challenging and expensive to reach in today's crowded news environment. And, to really shift opinion, you need to reach not just the C-Suite or legislators, but the people who control the flow of information to them. Our Orbit platform:

  • Maps influencers and their networks across business and policy
  • Enables you to target the people with the most influence on the decisions that matter
  • Delivers insights on how to reach and persuade them
  • Measures opinion shift over time and as a result of communications campaigns

Agenda Setter


Agenda Setter, a subset of Orbit, is BPI's proprietary federal public affairs data set. Based on our "people, not places" strategy, Agenda Setter allows for 1:1 content delivery to key federal agencies, White House & Hill staff, party committees, press, lobbyists, think tanks, and industry groups. 

2020 Campaign Tracker


This election cycle we have unprecedented insight into how candidates are positioning and marketing themselves and their policies  as a result of Google and Facebook’s ad disclosure policies. We built a platform to track overall campaign investment in digital ads, and deliver insights into targeting and messaging strategy. Take a look at

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