2018 Midterms

Taking Back the House


In 2018, Democrats needed to prove that Donald Trump’s vision for America was not what voters wanted or believed in. Priorities USA, Independence USA, NextGen America, and Everytown for Gun Safety came to BPI, each with their own unique missions and visions, united in their desire to take back the House. Without a presidential candidate to rally behind, and 435 House seats up for grabs, Democratic Independent Expenditure groups were looking at a huge map with countless issues and audiences worthy of persuasion and mobilization efforts.


Out-of-the-box strategies wouldn’t cut it for these organizations, so they came to BPI for their House work. These IEs needed an integrated approach to reach the voters they cared about. In many cases the most competitive districts were massively inefficient with TV, or already saturated with terrestrial radio and direct mail. An outcomes-focused budgeting and media approach was critical to identifying the highest-priority districts, most persuadable voters and most effective messages to achieve a majority in the House. 


BPI identified an overall path to victory and individual media strategies that aligned with each organizations’ unique goals and positions at the IE table. We worked with each organization to create a media weight and mix of placements that captured the activity and attention of their targets. BPI lead the development and ran the production of each client’s creative, producing district-specific, digital-first creative across 119 districts. We developed technology to play a pivotal role in helping Independent Expenditures coordinate to achieve their collective goal. 


With messages including taxes, healthcare, and gun safety, BPI’s partners played in 119 competitive House districts, and won 63 seats. The Blue Wave was not inevitable, but our work with Priorities USA, Independence USA, NextGen America, and Everytown for Gun Safety helped ensured that it was a reality. The class of members of Congress we worked to elect included the first Muslim women to serve in Congress, the first Native women to serve in Congress, and many more.