Building trust in the sharing economy

Airbnb, like many companies in the sharing economy, relies on building trust between its users — hosts and guests — to maximize their experience on the platform and their likelihood of sustained use.

While Airbnb has a robust trust and safety program, awareness of that program was low.

BPI built an integrated, proactive communications strategy to strengthen ties between hosts and guests and educate both on how to have a safe experience.

We leveraged traditional press placements, established an in-person city-to-city education roadshow in order to speak directly to consumers and elevate the profiles of the Airbnb trust and safety team, and used digital communications to speak directly to our target audiences.

Proactively, we worked with the media to elevate Airbnb’s disaster response program, identifying hosts that are willing to help lend their homes to those in need.


We built believers in Airbnb's offering and drove improvements in their trust and safety standing across target audiences.