Biden for America

Mobilizing Swing Voters for Joe Biden

This work won the Gold for Best in Show at the 2021 Pollie Awards, awarded by the American Association of Political Consultants. 


In the midst of a pandemic, that increased ballot timelines while limiting traditional voting routines, a divided party after a long primary that threatened turn out enthusiasm, and a voter-base burned out on a rapid news cycle - we were tasked with turning out voters for Biden in the crucial 2020 battleground states. Often teaching them how to vote by mail or vote early.


We knew very few old voter mobilization tactics would work. To capture voters online we used a mix of unique placements such as gaming integrations, memorable host-read podcast placements and Vote Early Day high-impact sponsorships in key states. We prioritized reaching our audience with high exposure media partners, like streaming TV, capturing voters at their most attentive. Then we implemented a follow-up campaign that reminded voters we had reached to request and then send in their ballots.

We spent over $55M through this program across 70 platforms. 


Joe Biden is in the White House. 

We won the election with historic voter turnout. And won five of the six swing states our program was invested in. We reached 40MM voters on Facebook and 53MM voters with display/video ads. Through our ads we generated 10M clicks to (the informational voting resource for Democratic voters), 374,000 vote by mail ballot requests, 274,000 voter registrations and 311,000 polling place look-ups.