EY: The Importance of Belonging


With the rise of intolerance, discrimination, and divisiveness in our nation, companies are increasingly feeling the need to voice a strong and affirmative perspective around diversity and inclusion.  While some of this stems from a desire to do the right thing, it’s also being driven by stakeholders, both internally and externally. Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces is no longer just the “nice” thing to do; customers seek out brands and companies whose values align with their own and employees expect their employers to be an active participant in cultural conversations. As a recognized leader in D&I, EY had an opportunity to lead by example.

Believer Insight

The problem with diversity today is that it has become about fulfilling quotas. Inclusion is inviting all people participate. Belonging is truly valuing for all aspects of who they are and empowering them to contribute. When people are seen and valued for their many differences, they feel a part of something greater.


BPI collaborated with EY to craft a creative campaign centered around Belonging. One of the most powerful ways to cultivate a sense of belonging is by sharing people’s personal stories. So, we produced two videos, from two diverse and unique perspectives, each telling their story of what belonging looks and feels like at EY.