Lime: ReThink Your Ride


In May 2020, Lime found themselves in a moment of monumental change. In the midst of the pandemic, they had just raised $170m in a funding round led by Uber—giving them a financial boost, providing access to Uber’s JUMP bikes and scooters, and making Lime the largest micromobility provider in the world. With new leadership, unprecedented scale in the industry, and a pandemic shutting down most traditional transportation options, this was a crucial moment for Lime to position themselves as the mode of transportation for our changed world. 


BPI put together a three-pronged, integrated strategy that combined earned, owned, and creative media to develop and launch Lime’s ReThink Your Ride campaign—communicating clearly to our primary audiences, riders and cities, across US and EMEA markets that micromobility represented the future of transportation, today. 

We focused on leveraging existing assets, identifying and elevating planned opportunities, and developing new and compelling ways to tell Lime’s story in a strategic, targeted, and impactful way at a unique time.


We worked closely with the Lime team to identify and sharpen programmatic changes the company could make—demonstrating how they were pivoting their business to reflect our new reality, and responding directly to the needs of both riders and cities. We leveraged Lime’s company news, data, and announcements to place compelling stories in support of our goals across US and EMEA markets. For our ReThink Your Ride launch, CEO Wayne Ting did interviews with CheddarMarketplace, and Bloomberg Technology, and earned additional coverage from target outlets like TechCrunch and Streetsblog.

BPI used all channels available to communicate with target audiences, reinforcing actions and amplifying news.This included updating the homepage of Lime’s website with dedicated ReThink Your Ride content, drafting a data-driven blog post, and taking advantage of social media channels, like TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


Since launching Lime’s integrated ReThink Your Ride media campaign—with exciting owned media content, eye-catching creative assets, and earned media coverage in mainstream, tech, trade, and business outlets—the company was the first microbility company to pass the benchmark of 200 million rides globally.

BPI helped communicate how Lime pivoted its business to be community-focused, prompting riders to choose bikes and scooters over other forms of transportation. With BPI’s help, Lime successfully seized the moment—leveraging changes within the company and navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic to position themselves as the world’s leading micromobility company. Since the launch of the ReThink Your Ride campaign, Lime has seen record ridership and become cash-flow positive, and is on pace to be full-year profitable in 2021.